It seems there should be a limit to the amount taken (if there is, it would be at least $5000 (taken by Rembrandt)), especially considering the very low price of apples and celery (35 cents per pound for celery). Otherwise, there would be unlimited amounts taken out against only twelve "winners". Also, the machine recognizes each slider, so it seems there is still a living counterpart of the four. (Would the "Lottery time line Wade" then be captured and executed, without even being aware of winning?) How do the winners avoid being picked up by the Lottery Commision if they should decide against "winning"? Do they buy guns (if legal) with the proceeds from the machine to prevent capture, or even go underground? Do right-to-lifers play so they can get funds for their resistance? Isn't BC Cola enough to keep population down (even at least some of the Right-to-Lifers support birth control)? Is there more than one country? Do minor crimes get the death penalty (evidently, Lottery QM isn't sentenced to death for tagging a highway overpass)? Is the money from one slide still valid in other worlds? All these questions come up watching this episode. 20:15, December 28, 2012 (UTC)

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