The Chasm
Episode no. Season 4
Episode 20
Written by William Bigelow
Directed by Robert A. Hudecek
Guest stars Zander Rice (Adam Meadows)
Harrison Young (Henry Nichols)
Kurt Knudson (Sheriff Hardy)
Angela Paton (Mrs. Meadows)
Antoinette Picatto (Amy Nichols)
Michael Sabatino (Derek Nichols)
Production no. K2817
Original airdate 4/9/1999
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"My Brother's Keeper" "Roads Taken"
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The sliders arrive in what is literally the happiest place on Earth. But in this small community, a little girl witnessed her grandfather leap into a mysterious chasm and begins to feel an overwhelming sorrow. Worse yet, it soon spreads to Rembrandt and Maggie. Rembrandt jumps into the chasm and the sorrow moves onto Maggie while Quinn considers staying on this world. Wanting to save Maggie and Rembrandt, the Sliders jump into the chasm together and end up in an underground tunnel where they encounter Mrs. Meadows, one of the townspeople. She explains to them what's going on: the town is actually an amusment park where people would go to have all of their worries transfered to one person who would then jump into the chasm and enter stasis until the tourists left at which point they would be released. However, it became so idyllic that people started to never leave so people had the burden passed onto them, jumped into the cavern and ended up trapped in stasis. Among the people trapped in stasis are Rembrandt, the grandfather, the granddaughter and Mrs. Meadows own son Adam. Usually the person recieving the emotions wouldn't be affected so much so quickly, but the Sliders presence in the town greatly acclerated the process. Mrs. Meadows leads them to the stasis chamber and demands Maggie enter it, even threatning her with a gun to get her to do it, but is disarmed and Quinn demands to know how to shut off the machine, but the only control panel is in the stasis room. As only the person who carries all the sorrows can enter it, the Sliders send Maggie in, giving her the gun so she can disable the machine in the few seconds before she enters stasis. The plan nearly fails as Maggie is quickly frozen, but at the last moment she manages to shoot the control panel, shutting down the machine and releasing the emotions and everyone in stasis. Mrs. Meadows is furious, but changes her tune when she reunites with her son. The Sliders leave the tunnels to slide, accepting that you can't get rid of bad emotions and need to feel them and now the town will learn that before they slide away.

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