The Dream Masters
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 5
Written by Melinda Snodgrass
Scott Smith Miller
Directed by Jefery Levy
Guest stars Lester Barrie (Elston Diggs)
Kenneth Johnson (Skater)
Symba Smith (Officer Weber)
J. Steven Smith (Henry)
Katherine La Nasa (Dr. Olivia Lujan)
Rodney Eastman (Byron)
Michael Des Barres (Prof. Vincent Cardoza)
Zack Ward (Gerald Thomas)
Production no. K1808
Original airdate 10/18/1996
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"The Guardian" "Desert Storm"
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The sliders encounter trouble on a world where social outcasts have harnessed the power of dreams. When Wade becomes the focus of this group, the sliders must rally together to protect her from her worst fears. When the Dream Masters try to kill Wade, the Sliders enter her dreams with the help of the wife of a man who the Dream Masters trapped in a coma and battle the Dream Masters. By accepting that what they're experiencing is just a dream, the Sliders prove immune to the Dream Masters' abilities and finally defeat them and end their reign of terror. Those victims who survived their attacks and were in comas recover, including Wade and the man who's wife helped them. With the Dream Masters gone, the Sliders, who still have 12 hours until the slide decide to go to sleep, knowing that their dreams will no longer be bothered.

  • At no point, on screen, in this episode was the timer used.
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