The Dying Fields
The Kromagg leader talks to the "Humaggs"
Episode no. Season 4
Episode 12
Written by William Bigelow
Directed by David Peckinpah
Guest stars Meredith Bishop (Jenny Anderson)
Marshall Teague (General Kronus)
Kristen Dalton (Kyra)
Scott Decker (Kryoptus)
Christian Leffler (Spence)
Laird Mackintosh (Kromagg Corporal)
Production no. K2812
Original airdate 31 August 1998
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"California Reich" "Lipschitz Live!"
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"The Dying Fields" is the title of the twelfth episode of season four of the science fiction television show Sliders.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Quinn, Colin, Maggie and Rembrandt arrive on an apparently beautiful world, a "Garden of Eden" — minutes in they discover several hunters killing humans.

The sliders soon discover that the "Garden of Eden" is a Kromagg training facility for Humaggs, half-human, half-Kromagg soldiers. During their attempts to avoid the Humaggs, Colin is captured and Rembrandt is shot. The group manages to capture Kyra, one of the Humaggs, planning to exchange her for Colin and learn from her that Kromagg weapons are particle beam weapons, not lasers and that as a result of his wound, Rembrandt has received a fatal dose of radiation and will die and there is no cure. They try to get through to Kyra's human side to get her to help them without much luck. At the same time, Colin is able to pick the lock on his Kromagg handcuffs and escapes. As the group waits for the slide, Rembrandt succumbs to his wound and starts to die, but Kyra, feeling compasion for the Sliders, reveals that she knows how to use the Kromagg healing power and uses it to heal Rembrandt's wound, saving his life. Colin reunites with the group and with just minutes to the slide, they are found by another Humagg who kills all of the other humans while Kyra holds him off, letting the Sliders slide out. Kyra tries to appeal to his human side and he pretends to listen, but stabs Kyra and kills her instead, but shows human emotion in his sorrow over what he's done, although it and the other kills he made make him an elite Kromagg soldier.

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