The Good, the Bad and the Wealthy
Sliders S02E05
Quinn after shooting the lawyer
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 4
Written by Scott Smith Miller
Directed by Oscar L. Costo
Guest stars James Denton
Karen Witter
Bart Anderson
Roger Barnes
Jackson Cole
Peter LaCroix
Barry W. Levy
April Telek
Greg Thirloway
Dean Allan Hinckey
Keegan MacIntosh
Kent Faulcon
Lochlyn Munro
Stephen Fanning
Adrian Hughes
Production no. K0805
Original airdate March 22, 1996
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"The Good, the Bad and the Wealthy" is the fourth episode of the second season for the science fiction television show Sliders. It originally aired on March 22, 1996. In the episode, Quinn's fast draw with a gun embroils him in a corporate takeover.


A boy named Jamie finishes practicing his fast draw in time to see Arturo, Quinn, Rembrandt, and Wade emerge from the sliding vortex. Coming "from a world of dust to a world of dung" (in Arturo's words), the Sliders are directed to the Wall Street Saloon to get something to eat. They find that this world's San Francisco is part of the Republic of Texas, an amalgam of the real state of Texas and areas to its north and west. Quinn steps in to prevent a fight between two saloon patrons and is drawn into a gunfight with one of them, which he wins by shooting him dead. Quinn is arrested, but Billy Ray, an associate of the Drexel-Bullock Corporation, has him released into his custody. Quinn's offered a position by Mr. Bullock, for the man he'd shot was one of his best lawyers—a gunfight is the method of settling legal disputes in the Republic of Texas.

Arturo, Rembrandt, and Wade check into their room at the Dominion Hotel (standard operating procedure for each world they slide to) and learn from Priscilla Hardaway, co-founder of Hardaway Computers, that Bullock had her husband killed so he could buy out the company. She also reveals that Quinn didn't kill Jed, she did as he was the one Bullock had murder her husband. Priscilla needs to maintain the impression that her company can resist a hostile takeover, so she buys a seat on the stock exchange, which is conducted like a poker game. Cliff Sutter, the man who's supposed to sit in the chair, is found hanging in his apartment, so Rembrandt fills in for him, winning $40,000 to keep Hardaway Computers solvent.

Jamie, Priscilla's son, is convinced that the Sliders are here to help them defeat Bullock. While Quinn's being encouraged to work for Drexal-Bullock, he meets Priscilla and learns what Bullock's done. After Jamie's failed attempt to kill Bullock, Quinn and "Billy the Kid", a hostile takeover specialist under contract to Drexal-Bullock, are set to face off at high noon. Quinn removes his gun and holster, and Billy refuses to gun down an unarmed man. Bullock pulls a gun on him (a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission violation), and Billy Ray, Priscilla, Jamie, Rembrandt, and Wade come between Bullock and Quinn while Arturo activates the timer. Before the Sliders enter the vortex, Bullock is arrested for Cliff Sutter's murder and Quinn tells Jamie that it's harder to put a gun down than pick one up.

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  • In the original version of the script, a deleted line suggested that Billy "The Kid" is this world's version of Bill Gates.
  • The episode title is a reference to the Clint Eastwood movie "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"
  • Moments before the credits roll, Jamie steps forward and repeatedly calls out to Quinn, calling for him to "come back." This is an homage to the iconic ending of the classical Western "Shane."
  • Rembrandt wins $400,000, not $40,000, in the poker game.  Initially, he lost $40,000 before going on a winning streak.  And yes, Karen Witter was a Playboy Playmate El Supremo..

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