The Prince of Wails
Sliders S01E04
Sheriff's TV Show
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 4
Written by William Rabkin
Lee Goldberg
Directed by Felix Enriquez Alcalá
Guest stars Sherman Howard (Hendrick)
Liz Sheridan (Ms. Miller)
Kathleen Duborg (Rebecca)
Gary Jones (Michael Hurley)
Gerard Plunkett (Driver)
Chris Humpheys (Raider #1)
Bernie Coulson (Raider #2)
Tracey Olson (Dixon Vallely)
David Kaye (Reporter #1)
Ben Bode (Prince Harold III)
Jaylene Hamilton (Reporter #2)
Production no. 70403
Original airdate 4/12/1995
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"Summer of Love" "Fever"
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The Prince of Wails is the fourth episode of Sliders' first season. It originally aired on April 12, 1995.


Arturo's double attempts to assassinate the Prince (who is the uncrowned king) in order to take control for himself. The Sliders stop the assassination but get captured by revolutionaries calling themselves The Oakland Raiders. Quinn leads the Raiders in revolution against the crown while the other Sliders and the Prince are held captive. The Prince escapes and Quinn is captured by the police and set to be executed. After seeing Quinn's capture and the squalor on the streets, the Prince returns to the Raiders to help them and they want to storm the prison, but Arturo comes up with a bloodless alternative. As Quinn is set to be executed, the Raiders take over a TV studio and the Prince makes a broadcast where he exposes Arturo's double's treason and introduces democracy to the nation (using a copy of the Bill of Rights the Sliders wrote up for him) and pardons Quinn and the other Raiders. Quinn and the Sliders reunite and Wade rejects an offer by the Prince to be his Queen and the Sliders leave but not before Arturo and Rembrandt give them the rest of the Bill of Rights, though Rembrandt adds in a part about James Brown being recognized as the Godfather of Soul, leaving the Raiders leader and the Prince wondering "who's James Brown?"

Worlds VisitedEdit


  • Despite being originally aired before hand, the presence of the Tsunami World suggests the events of this episode begin roughly fourty-eight minutes after the events of Summer of Love.


  • Prince Harold: (reading what Rembrandt had left him for the country's future) "And James Brown is acknowledged as the Godfather of Soul."
  • Prince Harold and Rebecca: (look at each other) Who's James Brown?


  • When Hurley is shown watching the Prince's broadcast its the same thing he'd said minutes earlier.
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