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The Young and the Relentless
Sliders S02E13.jpg
Quinn's double floating at the swimming pool
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 11
Written by Von Whisenhant
Michael X Fernaro
T. Edward Anthony
Directed by Richard Compton
Production no. K0814
Original airdate 1996-06-07
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"Greatfellas" "Rules of the Game (3rd Season)"
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"The Young and the Relentless" is the thirteenth episode of the second season of the science fiction television series Sliders.

Plot summary[]

The sliders arrive on a world where the young are in charge and Wade and Quinn's doubles were married corporate executives. Quinn winds up posing as his dead double and finds questions in his death. Meanwhile, Arturo and Rembrandt find themselves in trouble with the law and face jail time due to them entering an establishment to get a drink, but you have to be under a certain age to be able to drink.

The two flee the police, but are caught again, but their lawyer gets them off as she realized they were right about how uncaring she had become. Quinn and Wade discover that Wade's double murdered Quinn's double and she decides to murder Quinn and Wade and make it look like a murder-suicide with Wade doing the dying for her. Quinn manages to disarm her, but she overpowers and nearly kills him until Wade grabs her double's gun and threatens to shoot her unless she stops, which she does.

Wade's double is arrested and the Sliders are reunited and leave, with Quinn wondering what went wrong between his and Wade's doubles.

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