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Time Again and World
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Episode no. Season 2
Episode 2
Written by Jacob Epstein
Directed by Vern Gillum
Production no. 70401
Original airdate 1996-04-05
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"Into the Mystic" "El Sid"
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"Time Again and World" is the second episode of the second season of the science fiction television series Sliders. The word order of the title is intentional; although the reason for the inversion remains a mystery, the title is actually not "Time and Again World." In this episode, Quinn, Wade, Rembrandt, and Arturo travel from one world where they witness a murder to its near-exact replica, where they become embroiled in a conspiracy to restore the Constitution to the public.

Plot summary

The Sliders have remained on one parallel world where women have facial hair for nearly two weeks and are developing short tempers. Minutes before their next slide, they witness a car accident, and one driver gets out and shoots the other. Against her friends' advice, Wade rushes to the side of the dying man whom passersby identify as Judge John Nassau. In his final moments, Judge Nassau hands Wade a matchbook from the Top Hat Club that contains a microdot; before she learns what to do with it from his cryptic clue ("L.C. ...fifty-four...8 pm"), she slides out with the others.

The Sliders arrive on the next world...a world that is virtually identical to the one they just left, and the exact same car accident occurs. This time, however, Wade prevents Judge Nassau's murder by warning him that the other driver has a gun, and Judge Nassau kills the other man, who turns out to be a police officer on this world. Wade is given the same warning she received on the previous world, and after she and the others have checked into the Dominion Hotel, they're ordered at gunpoint by two plainclothes police officers to forget what they saw. Quinn and Wade report to the police what happened and are told they may have broken a major case.

It seems that Judge Nassau possesses the only copy remaining of the U.S. Constitution; it and the Bill of Rights were expunged from public records after the assassination of President Kennedy by Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. J. Edgar Hoover became President of the United States shortly thereafter and held power for twenty-two years; in this America, Hoover's Tomb and Alcatraz are two major tourist destinations.

When Wade and Quinn realize what they've inadvertently done -- given President Lyndon LaRouche the opportunity to consolidate his power and end civil rights in the United States -- they travel to the Top Hat Club where they meet Natalie, Judge Nassau's daughter, and L.C., the deejay for Radio Free America, and seek to broadcast their copy of the Constitution (the one Wade received on the previous world) over the airwaves and the Internet.

Rembrandt goes to the police and negotiates for Judge Nassau's release, claiming that he'll trade them the one copy he has (the one from this world). He does so, and shortly after the Sliders leave, the Constitution is distributed over the Internet apparently due to Wade's manipulation of the computer the Sliders had been using.