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The original timer

The timer is a handheld device that resembles a mobile phone or remote control. The Sliders have a finite amount of time to stay in each world, a time which is beyond their control, and is revealed on the timer's display upon arriving on the parallel Earth. The only time they are able to leave a parallel Earth is when the timer hit "zero." If they do not slide at that time, they will not have another opportunity to slide for another 29.7 years. In the episode "Rules of the Game", it is first stated that the Sliders must wait 29 years for the next slide, if they miss it when the timer hits zero (this was originally stated the a script outtake for Season 1's "Summer of Love" but was cut by FOX). It is mentioned again in several more episodes. The timer has frequently been lost, stolen, or damaged during the slides. However, it is almost always recovered, repaired, or replaced before they are scheduled to slide.

Different timers have different countdown times — if you miss the window on one timer, you could still slide out with another.

In the first two seasons, the prop of the timer is a rebuilt Motorola cellular phone, however it changes in later seasons to a television remote.

Quinn's TimerEdit

Quinn's timer was housed in the casing of a Motorola MicroTAC Ultra-Lite cellular flip phone with added LED lights and LCD displays. When Quinn, Wade, Arturo and Rembrandt slide away from Ice World in the first episode, Quinn opens the portal before the timer hits zero and the timer is damaged so they can't select the time of their departure from one world or which world they will go to next.

The timer goes through numerous repairs throughout its tenure in the first three seasons. After having it's data corrupted in the Pilot episode, Quinn and Professor Arturo modify it in "Summer of Love" to work on the Helix Spiral (its usual function for the remainder of the series). In Season 2's "Gillian of the Spirits", the timer short-circuits by an electromagnetic surge after the wormhole is hit by lightning; Arturo repairs its damaged power chip by substituting the one from his digital wristwatch. Logan St. Claire permanently sabotages the Sliders' timer by swapping the device's laser-based geographic-spectrum stabilizer with her own technologically inferior sonics-based stabilizer in Season 3's "Double Cross". The timer is disassembled by Franklin Michner a few episodes later in "Electric Twister Acid Test", although it's quickly repaired by Quinn and Arturo before the slide.

The original timer opens a bright blue vortex; it was initially set for three Sliders, although it handles four regularly at ease. It also safely slides 5-6 people without any issues on a few occasions.

The final appearance of Quinn's original timer was in Season 3's "Slide Like an Egyptian", where it was replaced by the Egyptian timer after the Sliders missed the slide. Script outtakes for the episode revealed that the Sliders held onto it to swap out certain parts.

Egyptian TimerEdit

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The Egyptian timer was constructed from a NiteGlow Universal TV remote with a modified keypad, LED lights, and an LCD display. The bottom of the timer features a metal plate with an embossed scarab beetle, signifying the timer's Egyptian origin.

First appearing in Season 3's "Slide Like an Egyptian", Quinn finds this timer in the pyramid architect's office while trying to rescue the other Sliders, who are trapped inside the pyramid after having missed the slide. Once reunited, it is shown that the timer is counting down 13 hours until the next window; the Sliders activate this timer prematurely and continue their journey.

During its appearances throughout the remainder of Season 3 up until the end of Season 5, the Egyptian timer undergoes several upgrades and modifications. A script outtake from "Slide Like an Egyptian" reveals that Quinn changed out the timer's stabilizer with his original one to keep the Sliders within their usual sliding radius. A few episodes later in "The Exodus", Dr. Steven Jensen adds wormhole tracking and coordinate storage functions to the timer. Season 4's "World Killer" has Quinn's double inputting circuitry into the Egyptian timer that would allow it to accept foreign coordinates without needing to slide to a certain dimension to obtain them. In Season 5's "To Catch a Slider", it is revealed that the Egyptian timer is powered by crystals that "vibrate on the Hertz scale" when the Sliders need to replace its drained power source.

This timer is destroyed by Claire's henchmen in the series finale "The Seer".

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