To Catch a Slider
Episode no. Season 5
Episode 15
Written by Bill Dial
Chris Black
Directed by Peter Ellis
Guest stars Lisa Stahl (Monique Mansfield)
Israel Juarbe (Gomez Calhoun)
Judith McConnell (Clerk)
Todd Kimsey (Grant Curtis)
Production no. E0816
Original airdate 1/14/2000
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"Heavy Metal" "Dust"
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The timer continues to malfunction, giving the sliders rougher slides than usual. To fix it, the sliders need to get hold of a gem, even if it means stealing. When a guy that Diana gets involved with, Grant, reveals himself to be an insurance agent, the Sliders help him catch a burglar while stealing the diamond they are helping him protect. It's revealed that the burglar is Monique Mansfield who became interested in Mallory and is actually a cross-dressing man. After learning that there is a 100,000 dollar reward for Monique's capture, the Sliders return the stolen diamond and ask for one worth 100,000 dollars as their reward. With it they are able to repair the timer and just in time too as it was giving them the wrong time and they had only seconds left when the new diamond was inserted.

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