Tsunami World
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Episode appearance The Prince of Wails
Date of Divergence Unknown
Coordinates Unknown
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"Free Love World" "British States of America World"
This world is briefly seen as all four Sliders fight to survive in a San Francisco flooded by a massive wave striking the west coast of California shortly after their arival. The extreme conditions of this Earth lead the four to vow not to meddle in the affairs of the next world, which does not last very long once they get there.

Differences from Earth PrimeEdit

This world is affected by a dramatic ecological event that created a massive tsunami wave striking the coast of California and flooding the streets with water high enough to submerge San Francisco hundreds of feet below sea level. The Sliders hypothesis that instead of this tsunami being caused by the usual culprit of shifting techtonic plates under the ocean, this massive of a wave was more likely caused by a melting of the polar ice caps. The divergence point of this world is unknown but whatever caused this tragedy was forseen early enough for the citizens of San Francisco to evacuate, rendering the Sliders as the only inhabitants facing the shark infested city.


  • This world is the first in the series to be seen in two separate episodes with the oncoming tsunami ending the episode Summer of Love and the resulting flood waters beginning the The Prince of Wails episode.
  • The separation of these episodes when they were originally aired led some to assume these two events were of separate worlds but the writers intended these events to be of the same dimension.

See alsoEdit

  • Summer of Love- The first episode (in production order) to show this world.
  • The Prince of Wails- The second episode (in production order) to show this world.
  • Ice World- Another world characterized by intense elemental danger.
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