I remember the sliders on TV ever since I was toddler. I remember in middle school, I'd take days off just catch reruns.

I'm 21 now and just restarting watching the series.

I'm also working on multiple translation work (subbing and dubbing) for sliders. Will soon conteact the studio and ask for higher quality footage. Maybe use some machine learning to make the foreign dialogue more fiiting in the scenes.

Sliders is a classic sci-fi TV show that is referenced very little in other shows and has only a handful of parodies.

I find this a a remarkably simple wiki to contribute to given my love of science, especially super string theroy and wormhole theories. I love how this show uses such neat and relateable story elements and characters. Each episode leaves the viewer in awe and excited for more.

NK97 (talk) 10:56, September 21, 2018 (UTC)


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