Wade Welles

Sabrina Lloyd as Wade Welles

Portrayed by  Sabrina Lloyd
First appearance Sliders (episode)
Last appearance This Slide of Paradise
Name Wade Welles
Date of birth May 15, 1972
Occupation Doppler Computer Store and a student of poetry
Family Don Welles (father), Kelly Welles (sister)
Earth of origin Earth Prime

Wade Kathleen Welles, a fictional character on the show Sliders played by Sabrina Lloyd, is from San Francisco, and worked at Doppler Computer Store while attending North Shore Junior College. She was studying literature and poetry.

She worked at the store with Quinn Mallory and had a crush on him, but Quinn wasn't able to tell. While sliding, she and Quinn do develop real feelings for each other ("Last Days," "Luck of the Draw" and "Obsession") and she begins to love Quinn unconditionally, even stating in the episode "In Dino Veritas" that she would do anything for Quinn, even die for him. However, the relationship never progressed due to their situation and the inability of both parties to fully express thier feelings.

She has a sister named Kelly, with whom she shared a bedroom growing up, and her father's name is Don. Wade is a computer expert. Her personal beliefs include a belief in the supernatural.

Wade's last name is sometimes spelled Welles and sometimes spelled Wells. Her driver's license, shown in "Summer of Love", indicates that her birthdate is May 15, however, she also said she is a Virgo, which puts her birthday between August 23 and September 22. She said she was 23 in the episode "Time Again and World" which was in 1996, which means Wade was born in 1972 or 1973.

Life while slidingEdit

How it startedEdit

On September 27, 1994, one of Quinn's doubles spoke back at the boss Mr. Hurley and got Quinn fired. He also kisses Wade. Hurley and Wade didn't know that this was a double and thought it was the same Quinn they knew. Wade found this out later that day when Quinn invited both her and Professor Maximillian Arturo to his house to show them the sliding technology (technology to travel between parallel Earths). Quinn, Wade, and Arturo all went sliding, and Rembrandt Brown, who happened to be traveling in the area was accidentally pulled into the vortex. For years, the Sliders continued to slide to different dimensions trying to find their way home.

Loss of a friend, and gain of an enemyEdit

Wade was very sad when Maximilian Arturo was shot by Angus Rickman. Maggie Beckett, who joined the remaining three sliders after Arturo's death, ridiculed Wade for her grief over Arturo's passing and saw this as evidence that Wade is weak. Wade and Maggie never got along. Maggie started to realize Wade wasn't so bad after she saved her from a zombie in Sole Survivors and the two seemed to bond and become friends after they killed a T-Rex together in Dinoslide. In particular, Wade was irritated at Maggie's desire to kill Rickman (who also killed Maggie's husband in addition to Arturo) out of revenge. Quinn appeared to have a romantic interest in Maggie when she first started sliding, which might have angered Wade since her relationship with Quinn seemed stuck at the friend stage. During this time period, in the episode "Stoker", Wade got mixed up with the wrong crowd. It was revealed at the end of the episode that Wade felt lonely (backing up a sentiment expressed in "State of the A.R.T."). Quinn reminded Wade that she has him and Rembrandt, but she said she felt she needed to be reminded of this more often than some people.

The slide homeEdit

Wade and Rembrandt were able to slide to Earth Prime (though Quinn and Maggie weren't able to for three months). Shortly after Wade and Rembrandt returned to Earth Prime, the Kromaggs took over. Although Wade and Rembrandt shared a prison cell, they couldn't talk much because they knew the Kromaggs would be listening and perhaps playing mind games (so the person they appeared to have been speaking to may have actually been a Kromagg imposter). Eventually, when Rembrandt wouldn't tell the Kromaggs what they wanted, they threatened to send Wade away to a breeder camp. When Rembrandt still wouldn't follow their orders, Wade was sent to the breeder camp. Although Rembrandt felt a large amount of guilt after this, Wade didn't blame him at all for what happened.


Eighteen months after they had been separated, Wade was finally able to communicate to Rembrandt through the multiverse and send the sliders to the Earth where she was being held. Wade was being kept in a Kromagg science experiment to invade their homeworld; an experiment where her brain was being used as a computer along with other humans the Kromaggs had captured. Wade was able to sabotage the experiment so the Kromaggs wouldn't be able to invade. Rembrandt wanted to save Wade from the Kromaggs, but there was limited time before the slide and it wasn't possible to physically remove her from the Kromagg experiment before it was timer to go. Rembrandt wanted to stay behind with Wade, but Wade wouldn't let him and made him slide to the world the others slid to. It wasn't made clear whether Wade lived or died until the episode The Seer, when the seer said he had seen her death.


  • Quinn Mallory: Wade and Quinn were close friends, working at the Doppler Computer Store. Wade had a crush on Quinn, something that he was too oblivious to notice for some time. Both "Last Days" and "The Weaker Sex" (where Quinn even goes so far as to not deny being Wade's boyfriend when asked) saw an advancement in their relationship but by "Luck of the Draw" things had stalled and in "Obsession" both the Professor and Rembrandt had to counsel Quinn over his jealousy of Wade dating another man. In the end, both were too shy and too occupied by situations they were thrown into to fully act upon their feelings.
  • Rembrandt Brown: Initially, Wade was accommodating but grew annoyed with Rembrandt's constant complaints about being dragged into sliding. Eventually, they developed a strong friendship based on their views of sliding and their non scientific approach (they are usually the ones to think of practical matters such as money and food). Over time, their relationship evolved into a deep brother/sister bond and became the closest relationship in the group ("Dragonslide.") Because of this, Rembrandt carried a great weight of guilt when Wade was taken to a breeder camp by the Kromaggs and even offered to die with her rather than let her die alone ("Requiem").
  • Maximillian Arturo: Wade and the Professor were at odds from the start because of their differing ideas of how they should interact with the local population during sliding. This was likely do to the fact that they were polar opposites (man/woman; young/old; university graduate/community college student; scientific/spiritual). Their differing views initially provided a source of tension for the group but they each came to respect and value each other's input ("State of the A.R.T."). Wade was devastated after Arturo's death in "Exodus" and expressed it more than Quinn or Rembrandt, although this is likely due to the fact that both Quinn and Rembrandt knew Arturo was fatally ill (and thus had time to prepare) while Wade did not ("The Guardian","Sole Survivors", and "The Last of Eden").


  • In the episode "Dinoslide", Wade said she is a vegetarian. Sabrina Lloyd was also a vegetarian at the time the episode was made.
  • The episodes "Gillian of the Spirits" and "Season's Greedings" shows that Wade is at least spiritual if not completely religious as she lights a candle and says a prayer in each episode.
  • In the episode "Into the Mystic", Wade said she believes in the supernatural. These beliefs were further examined in the episode "The Other Slide of Darkness".
  • In the episode "The Good, the Bad, and the Wealthy", on a world where gunfights were common, Wade used the state of guns on that Earth as an argument against owning guns.
  • In the episode "The Weaker Sex", Wade believes a world ran by women would be a lot better than one run by men. This is evident by her words like "you can't blame women for reacting like this." Wade is feminist leaning, and her connection with Quinn helped Quinn get a job, instead of Quinn's connection to Wade.
  • In "Obsession", Quinn notes that Wade is "a sucker for all this past life stuff".
  • In the "Prince of Wails" and "Pilot" it is established that although she dislikes violence, dictatorships and monarchies, she is a socialist/communist sympathizer.

Sabrina nameEdit

  • In "Into the Mystic", Wade says she has a friend named Sabrina who is interested in witchcraft. This is an inside joke aimed at actress Sabrina Lloyd who plays Wade, and also parodies the teenage witch, Sabrina.[1]

Doubles Edit

Wade's double was the leader of a resistance cell in the "Pilot."

Wade met one of her doubles in "The Young and the Relentless."

In "Double Cross," one double was planted within the group by Logan St. Clair in an attempt to convince them to stay long enough for Quinn to help Logan with their sliding problem.

She also saw doubles of her family in "Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome" and "Season's Greedings".

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