XY Virus World
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Episode appearance Love Gods
Date of Divergence 1990's
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"Prison World" "World of Dust"
In this world, the population of the planet is mostly female, all of the male population in each country are put in "Breeding Centers" to keep them from other governments and to protect them from hourdes of women. The divergence point was during the Gulf War when Iraq released a virus which attacked the Y Chromosome, which was stronger than they could forsee. The result was most of the male population was wiped out; the rest survived due to a natural immunity. The virus died in the end when there were no more men it could infect. The industrial nations as a consequence raced to repopulate, putting the remaining male population in breeding centers where they mate with up to 7 women a day, depending on the physical condition of the male.

Australia became a superpower due to them being far enough away to suffer the fewest casualties. They started repopulation with 1100 men. Men who escape from breeding centers in the US typically head to Mexico, where there is no forced breeding program.

The toy industry had to cater to a purely female market (e.g. no guns or war toys, Johnny Kage from Mortal Kombat was put in a tea party). There was no form of artificial reproductive method known in this world, according to Professor Maximillian Arturo's research.

Access to Breeding Centers was permitted only if applications were accepted. If rejected, they are told that they aren't attractive or young enough and that they want "perfect" women (all it can take to for the application to be rejected is offending the wrong "petty bureaucrat").

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